Platform features

The Innodev platform is built on the Drupal 7 framework and licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0. Some elements of the code were built through projects in partnership with The Africa Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) and as such benefitted from the support of sponsors including the European Commision, IFAD and GIZ. The AFAAS implementation is online on where it supports a pan-African network of agricultural service providers.

This platform has been built with limited resources to date and has seen many hours and days invested gratis by Innodev and partners. We welcome ideas and contributions to further develop and enhance this platform and/or to distribute and promote derivative services. The current version of the site has the following features:

  • Social Profiles: with ….. the things you would expect a social profile to have like a bio, contacts details, tags, social channels etc, and a ‘message me’ button for other site members.
  • Messaging: In site member to member messaging with email notifications [this is an area we want to develop further].
  • Organisational profiles: showcasing membership, content and services with embedded media.
  • Groups: which are a bit like organisations except you can make them open or closed membership and chose whether or not to share content more widely. Groups also have their own forums [another area we are looking to improve quite soon alongside the messaging feature].
  • Opportunities: which are also a bit like groups and organisations except they are designed specifically to attract inbound enquiries, e.g. to showcase an investment opportunity or challenge, or training, or to look for a partner.
  • News, Stories and Resources: content that any member can draft then publish using the included wysiwyg tools and share within a group, or across the network, or apply to ‘go public’.
  • Editorial flow: All content is freely published within the network; it can also enter an editorial workflow to be featured on the site front end and promoted via social media.
  • Advanced search: using Solr to display results and filter according to taxonomies.
  • Web crawling: Existing member online content can be crawled and made available and searchable for other members.
  • Problem solving: a constantly available ‘ask a question’ button lets members ask and seek answers from others across the network; either as individuals or as part of a designated ‘expert group.This feature can also be provided via SMS through integration with Votomobile.
  • Dashboards: everyone gets a personal dashboard where content relevant to their own interests gets flagged and they can manage their memberships and content.

Product Pathway

We welcome your suggestions on new features that will enhance this community - including partnership opportunities to develop these features. Our current priority is to enhance the capability for members to message and quickly share resources between them; we are also working on an enhanced geo-referenced user interface (UI). Over time the goal is to develop more and better ways for members to interact, trade and co-create value - and use inbuilt tools for full life-cycle management of development projects and investments.