Agricultural Advisory Service Agents

I use the platform to get answers to problems and share practical tips. I am an agricultural advisory services agent in one of the AFAAS member countries. My job is to advise farmers on available improved practices in order to help them to be more productive and solve problems constructively. I work with a group of other AAS agents: we are organised as a small business/ or NGO/ or remain in the public sector. We need to be up-to-date with relevant technical knowledge as well as the economic and business environment for farming in our area/market. This will enable us to offer the best advice and also compete and win advisory services business. We also need to work together with other AAS groups to lobby and improve the policy environment for our work. Do any of these statements describe you and the work that you do? If so, you are in the right place! Here's how you can use this platform and make a contribution:

1. Get access to news on AFAAS activities and those of related organisations.
2. Set up a personal profile with information about yourself and the specific services you offer, for other users to see and be able to contact you.
3. Visit personal and organisational profiles of other members within this AFAAS network and pro-actively contact them and share information.
4. Post/send the questions you may have on the platform by web or SMS. You would eventually receive responses from others through these means as well.
5. Follow and respond to problems posted by others.
6. Create groups with colleagues within your field and beyond, wherein you can discuss issues of interest to you.
7. Create and/or join opportunities related to your area of expertise or issues of interest to you. Collaborate and share ideas under these opportunity spaces in order to develop them fully.
8. Join and contribute to discussions under opportunities for which you are subscribed.