Story:Empowering CAMFAAS members with communication tips and techniques, to manage their portfolio within AFAAS virtual webpage platform

Friday, April 7, 2017

Organizational communication officers,members of CAMFAAS network on traing workshop

Within the vision to develop an inclusive aand pluralistic collaboration of agricultural advisory and extension actors in Africa, the continental network AFAAS developped a virtual platform that, is to be round about junction for country foras and local organization in this field to work hand s in gloves. For that very pupose, CAMFAAS decided to empower its member organizations, through their communication liables with skills, so as to facilitate and support their organizations to take advantage of this platform and promote their actions, resource information to a wider audience. An interoperational approach that can settle the ground for promising partnership and future collaboration.. A Full recap of the event is attached in the Additional Information Bar sideway, to this résumé...


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