Entrepreneurs & Agribusiness

I am interested in exploring new business and market development opportunities. I buy and sell inputs, goods, services in agricultural supply chains from farm through to retail. I am looking for opportunities to create and or invest in new businesses to provide goods or services in this market space, for profit. I have some ideas to share and I am keen to identify more. My problems are the high transaction costs and risks of doing business. I am looking for potential business partners as well as alliances on both the input and sales sides of the business so I can manage risks better and create value in this market space. I am also interested in connecting with potential providers of equity or loan finance and business development services and/or mentoring. Do any of these statements describe you and the work that you do? If so, you are in the right place! Here’s how you can use this platform and make a contribution:
1. Set up a personal profile with information about yourself and the specific services you offer, for other users to see and be able to contact you.
2. Create an organisational profile for your agribusiness and offer information on the products and services you offer, your contact information, and the like.
3. Identify trading opportunities by browsing through exchanges under the ‘Problem Solving’.
4. Post/send your questions for the attention of others.
5. Post/send solutions to problems for which you have knowledge and expertise under ‘Problem Solving’.
6. Create opportunities and groups around which you can collaborate with others to develop business ideas into fundable initiatives.
7. Share insights into the business side of agriculture by starting discussions and/or comment on discussions of interest to you.
8. Create groups with like minded individuals to share and develop your ideas.