News:FAO's Rural Institutions, Services and Empowerment (RISE)

Friday, December 6, 2019

The work done by the FAO's Rural Institutions, Services and Empowerment (RISE) should be of particula interest to AFAAS. The RISE contributes to global efforts being made to eradicate poverty, hunger and malnutrition to unlock the development potential of rural areas. This is tackled through the promotion of inclusive, gender-transformative socio-economic development and sustainable livelihoods in rural areas by (i) Supporting territorial national and place-based policies for improved food security and nutrition, (ii) Facilitating the development of pluralistic market-oriented service systems to increase income and improve livelihoods, (iii) Developing capacities for financial systems and agribusiness investments of poor rural families, and (iv) Promoting the socio-economic empowerment of women, men and youth through the Dimitra Club Approach and FAO-SEWA Partnership. Read more about RISE and subscribe to its Newsletter here:


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