News:Latest publications released by the FARA Secretariat

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Please visit the FARA website to access the latest publications released by the secretariat. You may also click on each publication to download.

  1. Getachew Ahmed and Tigabu Degu, (2019). Adoption of Technologies and Crop Productivity in Ethiopia: The Role of Agricultural Information. FARA Research Reports 4(1): PP 29.
  2. Zlaoui Mariem, Dhraief Mohamed Zied, Jebali Ooussema and  Benyoussef Salah. (2019). Assessment of the Tunisian olive oil value chain in the international markets: Constraints and Opportunities.FARA Research Result Vol 4(2): PP36
  3. Feiruz Yimer, Kibrewossen  Abay and Tigabu Degu, (2019). Evaluation of Modern Agricultural Technologies Adoption and Impact of Adoption on Productivity. FARA Research Report Vol 4(3): 26
  4. Woin N., Tata Ngome P., Waingeh N. C., Adjoudji O., Nossi E. J., Simo B., Yingchia Y., Nsongang A., Adama F., Mveme M., Dickmi V. C., Okolle J. (2019). Suitability of Different Processing Techniques and Sales Options for Irish Potato (Solanum Tuberusum) Cultivars in Cameroon. FARA Research Reports Volume 4(4): PP 83.
  5. Degye Goshu, Tigabu Degu and Fatunbi Oluwole, (2019).  Innovation Opportunities for Wheat and Faba Bean Value Chains in Ethiopia. FARA Research Report Vol 4(5): P73
  6. Kouévi T. A, and Fatunbi A. O (2019). Understanding the Engagement of Policymakers in the Success or Failure of Agricultural Innovation Processes: Lessons from Africa Countries. FARA Research Reports Vol 4(6): PP 47


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