Sponsors and Mentors

I have resources and skills I can contribute to help get African agriculture going. I would like to invest in an interesting opportunity and I am also keen to provide advice in a mentoring role based on my own relevant experience.  I am connected in various social networks and I look around for interesting and positive projects/activities in the international development space to support. Do any of these statements describe you and the work that you do? If so, you are in the right place! Here's how you can use this platform and make a contribution:

  1. Create personal and/or organisational profiles with information about yourself, your areas of expertise, and opportunities which you typically support.
  2. Join opportunities of interest to you to keep informed of the opportunity’s development in order to be able to offer the requisite advice and guidance.
  3. Follow and respond to questions of interest to you and for which you may have solutions or recommendations.
  4. Join the discussions on this platform to inform you on the pressing issues which require support.