Whose Agenda?

‘Development’ - investments to tackle poverty and support growth in emerging economies - is often a top down business, dominated by priorities of big government and international finance institutions. The last few decades have seen great progress, but development programmes still struggle with the parallel challenges of working at scale - avoiding unintending outcome and resource capture by bureaucracies and middle men - AND directing support to where it is most needed. We believe that a more open and inclusive model is part of the solution - a more direct and accountable relationship between the sponsors and funders of development programmes and those who's lives they will change - that efficiently matches the supply of capital and other support to truly innovative and productive enterprises 'on the ground'. But this approach faces challenges of its own; development programmes lack data, knowledge and systems needed to be responsive and demand driven - local communities and entrepreneurs lack access to information, services and capital that would allow them to influence and participate.

Innodev is a small initiative with a big goal - we want change the way development is done - by bringing all stakeholders into a networked community geared towards identifying, designing and delivering investments in innovators and change makers.

We will shortly be opening this site up as a platform to build the Innodev community. Please contact us to express interest and to be put on our mailing list for updates.

More about Innodev

Innodev started as a collaboration between Dan Kisauzi and Steen Joffe, both working in the international development space. We saw how hard it was for entrepreneurs to be successful in an information constrained environment where access to business support, finance and other value chain services is limited - while well meaning development initiatives were wasting resources because they were not well plugged into local stakeholder dynamics and were missing opportunities to establish networked approaches to development delivery enabled by rapid advances in web and mobile technologies.

Since then we have worked together and with other partners on a wide variety of projects where the goal has been to improve information and knowledge creation and utilisation within networks, stimulating innovation, strengthening institutions and delivering development impacts. Now we are putting this experience behind the development of the Innodev network, a platform for goal-oriented change to deliver sustainable development at scale.