News:Wrap-Up of the UNFAO Webinar on the "Enabling Environment for Rural Advisory Services for Climate Smart Agriculture"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Promoting an efficient and effective CSA approach at rural commuity based farmers to achieve resilient agricultural production and as well, contributing to a more inclusive agricultural value chain and market, is a core challenge International organizations are called upon to achieve. Thus, the purpose of this webinar was meant to identify, prospect and evaluate the place and role Advisory Services, a crucial link between value chain actors, has in this agricultural development process. A open mediated debat which brought together a milestone of interested participants, here below recalls the essence of what was said, to do and to achieve...

In the introduction, Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar (FAO) and Maria Nuutinen (FAO) clarified the connections between RAS agent’s role in the context of global changes affecting food systems, food security and the environment, stressing the need of adopting urgently a climate-smart agriculture (CSA) approach. The role of Rural Advisory Services (RAS) is often described as a crucial link between food producers and necessary sources of information and tools allowing food systems to be prepared for climatic changes.   

In order to provide an effective support to farmers, RAS need to be themselves supported by conducive environment formed by appropriate policies, governance, legislation, infrastructure, resources (both human and financial), and strongly linked with local communities. 

The recorded part of this webinar is available through Youtube Playlist RAS-CSA  or Here :

Text wrap-up Available as well within the Additional Information BoxBe...


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