Rwanda Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


Lesson learning, information sharing and professional interaction in Agricultural Extension and Advisory services

About our Organization

The Rwanda Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services has been in existence informally since July 2012. Since that time it has undertaken activities aligned with the Country strategic Plan for Agricultural transformation (PSTAIII) especially under its second and fourth programs. It is governed by an Interim Steering Committee. It is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI)

On the basis of  a baseline study on Agricultural Advisory services in Rwanda the Forum designed and adopted the the New Twigire Muhinzi extension model. The model provides mechanisms for coordination and implementation of agricultural advisory services by committees at  all levels from the village to the national level and provides for a national  coordination office.

Currently the Forum has the following members: Private sector (National Cooperative Confederation Rwanda –NCCR, Chamber of Agriculture and industry and journalist in agriculture), 26 commodity/ farmer representatives, 12 Government bodies including MINAGRI, Rwanda Agricultural Board, National Agriculture Export Board, Rwanda Cooperative Agency.

Contact Person: Mary RUCIBIGANGO

Physical Address:

Telephone: +250788300037

Email:              [email protected]

Member since: 28/12/15